About Us

The Eastbridge Group is a family holding company based out of Luxembourg created in 1990. Throughout its history Eastbridge has invested in multiple markets and diverse industries such as real estate, consumer products, media, retail, education, insurance and biotechnology.  The genesis of Eastbridge was the change of the political and economic systems in the Central & Eastern Europe region, thereafter Eastbridge formed several distribution joint ventures with leading global companies including L'Oreal, Eastman Kodak, Nestle, Canal+, Zara, and many others. 

Today Eastbridge is an active investor in real estate, retail and healthcare sectors in the United States, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Israel and the Czech Republic. The Group has developed its platform over the last 25 years while founding or investing in more than 50 companies.

Currently Eastbridge is a major Shareholder of Empik and Smyk, two of the leading retail companies in Poland, the majority investor in DTH Capital, a New York Real Estate Company and a partner in a number of biotechnology companies throughout the US and Israel.


Yaron Bruckner

Yaron Bruckner

Yaron Bruckner was the founder and Honorary Chairman of Eastbridge Group. He was an active entrepreneur who started his career in 1980 and continued to be an active investor, both in Europe and in the USA until his death in 2013. The current Managing Directors are dedicated to continuing his legacy, managing the current investments with experienced partners, and creating long-term value with future investments in real estate, retail and healthcare.